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Musilogic From here, you can access,, , HarmonyDiscuss,,,,,

HarmonyChecker - Send us you score, and we'll check it for errors! Also, an online app that checks errors between two chords! - This could include "logicompose", a music theory course for composers - How to Play Chords ... in 7 Lessons! (one of it's components can be seen in this mockup Draggable Chord Grid) - all about jazz piano - Online Jazz Piano Lessons > Lesson 1      Lesson 3

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LogiMusic - old name - old name

RobNissim - original website by Kisasa

HarmonyGrid - (ex. ComposerJunction) location for musician microsites and array of HarmonyPlayer files of composition snippets - Personal web page, including Rob Nissim (place where I post my recorded compositions and performances (site design by Kisasa) ) - Links to family-related videos, family trees, blogs etc.

Workshop Jan, 26, 1999


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Furniture (link album)



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